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When school is closed, SELECT is Open for a Mini-Camp sure to bring joy to any child ages 6-12! Players will be split according to age and ability so everyone can get the most out of this camp full of SKILLS, GAMES, and MORE!


SNOW DAY CAMPS – a favorite backup plan for the school cancellations.

Looking for something fun to do over the school holidays? SELECT is proud to offer our Holiday Camps for children ages 6-12. We will provide fun filled days of SKILLS and GAMES!

THANKSGIVING CAMP – November 25, 26, 27
CHRISTMAS CAMP – December 26, 27, 30, 31

Fun, balanced summer camps that mix soccer training with games and outdoor activities. These all-day camps, held in our air-conditioned clubhouses, are for kids who want an active camp where they can learn and practice soccer skills while spending the day having fun with friends!

The Select Soccer Skills School uses professional trainers to develop our players to become a better all around soccer player. By offering intensive training curriculum built from our own vision.

We classify our skills school children by levels, RASCALS and JUNIORS. Becoming the boss over the ball is the first step in the development of a soccer player. The moment the ball skills of our players develop, they will gain more confidence, take more initiative and grow as a football player.

Our Skills School must be the springboard for many players to rise higher into our programs, from our philosophy and training culture we think we can offer players a great opportunity to receive the professional guidance that every child deserves. Our philosophy is that it is just as important to help a child who has to learn the basics as to help one of our talents to make the transition to a our Academy program. Everyone has the opportunity to high-quality training!

Each Training Session Includes high intensity training sessions; progressive exercise material (increasingly difficult);

Stimulating self-regulation (wanting and being able to become better);
A lot of experience and fun!

  • 1h 15m professional training courses in which learning and applying basic skills are central;
  • + Discount on Select Soccer events;
  • + Uniform Package;
  • + Select Soccer Goodybag.


1) Initial Registration – $100.00. Includes First Month Training payment and Select Training Jersey. Registration Fee will renew every year on July 1.

2) Monthly Training Fee: $50.00. Includes 1 training session per month.