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Select has one of the most talented soccer academies in the West Virginia and Ohio Valley. Here we choose and train elite players to create a platform for growth and exposure.

The PLAYER DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY program is designed to provide players an opportunity to train two/three times a week and compete with players of like abilities. Its goal is to help kids grow in all 5 aspects of the game: mentally, physically, technically, tactically and socially. Emphasis on 3x per week training is to accelerate and deepen the learning process of the style of players we are trying to grow. The focus of this program is to develop well rounded elite players that play with joy, confidence and character.

The Academy provides a steady and challenging training curriculum to ensure players are constantly learning in a positive atmosphere.

Every training includes a specific theme is treated on a technical, tactical, physical and mental level, that is implemented by specialist in this field from a well-thought out method with which we have achieved a lot of results in recent years.

What makes us distinctive compared to other football schools / academies ?:
Intensive training forms;

A safe learning climate with fanatic but pedagogically trained trainers;
-Beautiful competitions / tournaments;
-Our selection policy only focuses on top quality players
-Very intensive technology training based on progressive methodology;
-Physical training by professional specialists from a professional environment;
-Tactical themes linked to competition situations;

Our offer:
-25 professional training sessions of 1.15 hours;
-4 league dates;
-(at least) 2 tournaments;
-A customized development plan;
-Uniform package;
-Discount on workshops, private training, clinics & football camps.